Automatic Corner Tapping Machine TG40A

Automatic paper tape gift box four corners taping/pasting machine is newly improved based on the experience of older corner pasting machine. After the constant upgrade and development of the machine, the function of the machine is very stable. It is a fully automatic pasting machine. It can paste four corners at one time. The machine is control by PLC. There has a non-stop cardboard pile shifting device. The belt will take the cardboard to the mold. Then mold takes the cardboard to pasting position. And the convey belt deliver the box out of machine. The machine is easy changing and fast job setting. It also has stopping function after finished cardboard and hot-melt tape finished alarm function. Thereby, the products are of great quality.

Technical Parameter

Max size:


Min size:


Heater power:                            


Motor power :



20-40pcs box/min



Machine weight:


Max size:



  • It adopts PLC control and friendly HMI
  • Automatic feeding cardboard, Max. stacking height 1000mm
  • In order to improve working speed, cardboard table adopt on-line feeding
  • Easy to change mold, suitable for different sizes of products
  • The hot-melting glue tape auto conveying, cutting and four-angle sticking, forming the box in one process.
  • Auto alarm when tapes run out.


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