KC1000A Automatic Cardboard Grooving Machine

Grooving machine is specially designed for notching V type groove (U type groove for options),used for industrial cardboard, gray cardboard, MDF boards and the other cardboard.

It adopts new way of transportation structure, wrap the cardboard on the entire surface of the roller(the diameter 60cm),it guarantees the groove more accurately, no deviation and be straight, the machine has the features of high accuracy, fast speed and with durable cutting blade. Automatic cross grooving machine is working with dual direction of grooving, it is belong to the Gift box package production line equipment. The machine is special designed for notching V type groove on industry-cardboard, Ash-cardboard, MDF board and other several of cardboard, to make board suitable for making high quality box . Automatic dual direction grooving machine is an ideal equipment in cardboard grooving, it can do crosswise grooving and vertical grooving at one time, save the labor, improve the production.

Technical Parameter

Width of Material:


Length of Material:


Card board thickness :


Distance of each grooving:


Groove degree:




Total number of grooves:



18KW 380V 3Phase



Machine weight:




  • Automatic Feeding and Automatic correcting part using belt feeding board and press wheel together with belt to keep the board straight.
  • First time grooving and waste strip removal. Use the belt bind the board on the surface of roller to keeping precision and remove chip each time.
  • Board turns around system. Our company was awarded the invention patent:90 turn around system
  • Second time grooving and correcting part. Second time grooving part use press wheel together with belt to keep the board straight again Guarantee final products percent of pass.
  • Convenient adjust belts and cutting knives size


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