NC Cutter with Stacker

NC Reel sheet cutter:

Single knife sheet cutter can do set-length cutting reel paper and single facer board, change order fast, high cutting precision, fast work speed, low waste, it also suit for color-printing box package.

The machine adopts PLC with touch screen operate design, operator can know detailed work status.

Adopts variable frequency motor reduce the fault caused by transmission wearing.

Computer restore many production orders, human-machine interface Use high quality variable frequency motor.

Teeth surface be quenching and grinding, high precision transmission, low noise, transmission part lubrication adopts oil pump automatic recycle design.

Used high speed flat type knife, high hardness with long use life. Precision adjustable gapless gear ensure accurate mesh, good cutting with high straightness, protect knife

Technology Parameter:

  • Design speed:70m/min
  • Design speed:70m/min
  • Cutting length:300-9999mm cutting precision:±1.5mm
  • Effect width:1400-3000 mm
  • Cutting layer: single layer, double layer

Automatic stacker:

  • The Max. Speed of collection paper:70m/min
  • The Max. Length of collection paper :1400mm
  • This machine can be collected at the same time at most 4 pieces of paper
  • The machine can realize count automatically, automatic stacking, automatic stamping
  • Stacker hight:100mm
  • The machine have special leading edge Aligning institution
  • The automatic stacking machine cost is low. Small footprint, save man power ,Is the best choice of medium-speed fitting machine.
  • Floor area : 3.5*1.9m


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